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Artifacts & Fossils

Artifacts, Fossils, Native Art, and Other Unique Items

Artifacts & Fossils brings you fun, interesting, and educational items from ancient formations in the U.S. and around the world. Our specimens are authentic and affordable, with something sure to please serious collectors, hobbyists or beginners.

You can discover hard-to-find fossils from our offerings of trilobites and woolly mammoth teeth. Choose from our fossil fish to add to your collection. Touch human history with an artifact once used by ancient hunters or fishermen. We also sell exceptional fossil plates that along with our stunning shells and rocks can be displayed with pride in your office or home.

Need a present? Giving your children an artifact or fossil can create or expand their interest in pre-historic times in a fun way. What could be cooler than a mammoth tooth?

Some cultures believe that their ancestors left artifacts as a "gift" to help with modern subsistence. We honor that belief and handle every item with respect and dignity. We personally uncover many of our fossils and make sure all our other specimens were acquired legally.

All prices include shipping to all addresses within the U.S. unless otherwise marked. An additional tax of 7.5% applies to items shipped to addresses in California. Some Items cannot be shipped outside of the U.S. All items will be clearly marked. 

About Us

We've long been collectors of tantalizing fragments from eons past. Now we're taking our enthusiasm to the next step by offering a broad assortment of artifacts, fossils and native art for you to enjoy, display and study.

Our goal is to provide affordable specimens to collectors, hobbyists or those who may want a conversation piece.

We particularly encourage parents and teachers to spark kids' curiosity and education by giving them an actual piece of ancient history.

Contact Us

Artifacts & Fossils welcomes questions, comments or suggestions from customers.

The link to our email form is below.

We will respond as soon as possible but please note that we travel several times a year to search for new items for our customers. At those times it may take a week or longer to hear back from us but rest assured we will answer as soon as we're home.

Please use our CONTACT FORM

Mammoth Jewelry

Mammoth ivory pendants – ageless beauty

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