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Artifacts & Fossils

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Artifacts and Fossils brings you interesting, educational, and unique collectibles from ancient formations in the U.S. and around the world. We take great pride in providing affordable specimens and conversation pieces for serious as well as casual collectors. Take a journey through time and you will find 500 million year old trilobites from the deserts of Utah and 5,000 + year old mammoth fossils brought up from the sea floor. We have fossilized shark teeth from the massive megalodon shark believed to reach 60 feet in length as well as fossilized sand dollars that once lived during the Jurassic period 200 million years ago. You never know what unique one of kind items you will find when you come back as inventory is always changing. Many of the fossils we carry were collected and prepared by us. Let us know if you have a special request and custom orders are always welcome.

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We’ve long been collectors of tantalizing fragments from eons past. Now we’d like to share our passion with you by offering a broad assortment of unique fossils for you to enjoy, display, and study. Our goal is to provide affordable specimens to collectors, hobbyists or those who may want a conversation piece. We particularly encourage parents and teachers to spark kids’ curiosity and education by giving them an actual piece of ancient history.

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Here at Artifacts & Fossils, we welcome questions, comments or suggestions from our customers. We will respond as soon as possible but please note that we travel several times a year to search for new items for our customers. At those times it may take a week or longer to hear back from us but rest assured we will answer as soon as we return. If you are contacting us regarding products that are not in stock, it may be that the item was a very rare “one of a kind” item. You may notice that some items in our store say “out of stock” or sold, this doesn’t necessarily mean that those items will be back in stock or will be available for purchase at a later time. For the best possible chance of owning an ancient piece of history, please check out our website frequently as we update our inventory often.